Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kids say it best!

I have recently been having a lot of fun typing up stories and memories for each one of my kids that they said or did while growing up. I decided not to keep all of the fun and laughter to myself, but to share a few of the great ones...

Allison was an early talker. Because of this, she said quite a few comical things at a young age. One time, right after we had just started to introduce the idea of using the “big potty,” a friend of Mike’s came over and he used our restroom. When he came out of the restroom, Allison shouted to him, “Yeah, you did it!” Allison was pretty proud of him!

Another time, while Allison (2 years old) was learning to say her prayers, she would just repeat what we would tell her to say. One particular time, I told her to say, “Please help us to spread the gospel” and Allison repeated back, “Please help us to spread the gospel and the butter!” Both Mike and I could not stop laughing during the prayer. I love how concrete little children’s minds are!

This next one is probably my favorite. Mike and I were hanging up chicken wire on the block wall in the backyard (so the plants would attach and weave through it) of our townhome with some screws. While we were working away, the phone rang and Allison (3 years old) answered it. I could hear the person on the line ask her what she was doing. Allison said, “Uh, I am just playing while my parents are screwing!” Thankfully, the person on the phone ended up just being my sister, Sheryl. I quickly explained to her that we were just screwing screws into the block wall.

I know that McKay said some funny things too, but since I was building a house when he was starting to talk, I unfortunately didn't keep as good of records of his cute sayings. However, I do remember one incident that made me chuckle. When McKay was 3 years old, and I was pregnant with Grant, we were at the Doctor’s office. There was a lady in the waiting room who was almost due to have her baby so obviously her belly was big. McKay looked at her and then looked at me and said, “Mommy, she ate too much food.”

Grant is just starting to say a few words, so I am sure there will be more funny moments to come in the future. I look forward to laughing some more as I hear my children continue to show their innocence!


  1. Is that first picture of Allison? She looks just like Grant, too cute. Im glad your liking this blog thing, I knew you would come around

  2. Oh my gosh that is so funny!! i can't wait to have kids to just hear the crazy things they will say.. how fun that you remember and you wrote them down. love your blog!! hope things are goin good. loves!

  3. Leave it to the kids to provide the comic relief..I love it!

  4. What funny kids! It's a good thing we keep track of the funny things they do. We never think we will forget it when it happens, but as I get older I can see how we can forget those cute memories. I'm glad I have a kitchen journal that is just for their funny things they say and do.

  5. Kerry, Love your post! That is too funny about the screws! Kids are hilarious. I was laughing so hard today in sharing time when one of the kids yelled out " There trying to get the baby out!" When you showed the picture of the girl being blessed. To funny!! I am totally going to write that one down. Keep up the good blogging...

  6. Welcome to the blogworld! What a cute post. Your children are adorable! Thanks for sharing the laughs with us. Love you guys! -Lani