Saturday, March 27, 2010

ICE FISHING with the family (Feb. 15th)

Mike has been trying to get the family (tried to convince mostly me) to all go ice fishing for a very long time. We finally went over President's day in February. We stayed at the Blad cabin at Otter Creek and went with our friends, the Reynolds. We met Grandpa Blad, uncle Phil and Derek Marlor there too.We had a great time and could not have asked for more perfect weather. However, we could have asked for better fishing! Grandpa Blad with Grant.

McKay fishing with his pole in the ice hole.

Allison fishing with her pole in the ice hole.

Allison pulling McKay and Grant around on the sled. They had a great time being pulled.

The kids checking out the first catch of the day!

Daddy and McKay fishing!

Grant fell asleep on the came chair and we just had to make it look like he was holding a pole and fishing at the same time. We all had a good laugh!

Too funny!

Daddy and McKay with McKay's big catch of the day! I think it weighed almost 4 lbs!

I had to put this piture in as proof that I actually went Ice Fishing! To be honest, I had a great time! However, it does not mean that I am rearing to go sometime again soon! Maybe next year!

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