Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We had a couple of parties to celebrate Allison's10th birthday...a family party and then her friend party (she only gets one on even years). So, pardon all of the pictures, but we had so much fun and I want Allison to remember all the fun we had. We decided to do a LUAU for her friend party. I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun planning a birthday party. Everything turned out even more fun than I thought it would. The kids all responded well--I think 10 years old is the perfect age for birthday parties. I didn't have to keep reminding all the kids to listen and stop goofing off--they were all so well behaved! Grandma and Grandpa Dorius were there to celebrate with us too, which was so fun!Allison with her decorated brownines--we are not huge cake fans in our house.

Allison with her gifts from her family.

Our family all dressed up for the LUAU.

All the kids at the party!

Allison doing the beach ball relay.

Allison doing the BEACH dress-up relay.

The wet-sponge relay.

Can't forget about the Limbo! Go Allison!!!!

Of course, we had to have Hawaiian Haytacks. It also happens to be one of Allison's favorite meals.

The kids eating their Hawaiian Haystacks and fruit kabobs, along with their Hawaiian Punch.

Here we are singing Happy Birthday to Allison! She is like her mom and loves Dairy Queen Ice Cream cakes!

Opening presents.

After the party, Allison and Holland posed for a picture by the palm tree.

Allison, we are so glad that you are our daughter! We couldn't ask for a better one. You love life, your family and the Lord. Thanks for being you. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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