Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Easton's New Baby Pics (3 weeks old)

We got Easton's first pictures taken when he was 3 weeks old. My friend, Shawna, took them in his nursery and we are excited with how they turned out! We took a few pictures with all of the kids too!
Easton is growing so fast. He is just barely over 1 month old now and I am already thinking about the fact that he has changed so much during his short life so far. I must admit that the NEWBORN stage happens to be my favorite! He continues to be a wonderful baby--he still sleeps alot and is happy when he is awake (other than when he is hungry). We just love him to pieces! Grant and McKay are still smothering him with love and are still working on the meaning of being "soft." Allison continues to be the world's best big sister!


  1. Love..love..love. I can tell you love being a Mom and you are dang good at it too! HAPPY BDAY TOMORROW. BTW, you did end up completing your goal of having all 4 kids by 32...nice work. I guess Kirk's goal was just to have ONE by the time he was 32. HA!

  2. Love the pictures. You look amazing. You have such a talent for decorating the nursery looks perfect. Do you want to come help me this winter with my place? Miss you tons.

  3. Beautiful! It was so much fun to see you!
    Your kids are all darling!! Wish we lived closer....


  4. I know I already left a comment but I have to tell you that I got on the computer today to down load some new songs, I am so tired of my ipod. I decided to see if you had updated your blog, I ended up leaving your blog on to listen to your playlist of songs. I loved them. Thanks I needed some inspiration.