Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Easton 3 months (Oct 2010)

I can't believe how fast my little baby boy is growing! Easton is almost 4 months old in these pictures. I thought that maybe since he was my smallest baby when he was born at 6 lbs 6 oz that perhaps he would stay smaller longer than the other boys. But alas, it appears as if he is going to follow in their footsteps! Easton has the nickname "Chubbers" for a good reason...he is one chubby little baby and WE LOVE HIM for it! Easton has been such a wonderful baby. He has one of the sweetest dispositions out there. He is very happy and sleeps well.

You can see it in his eyes that he is a sweet and wonderful little guy!

I think that this is my favorite picture and it is actually just taken in my backyard. When Allison was little, I put her inside of a carved pumpkin so I just had to do it again with Easton. I hollowed out the pumpkin and then put Easton inside of a plastic bag so he didn't get all gooey from the pumpkin. He was surprisingly happy for his legs being all smooshed inside the pumpkin. What a good sport! I called my friend (who also had a little baby) and she tried to have her daughter sit in the pumpkin and she wanted nothing to do with it. My friend got some good pictures of her baby screaming inside the pumpkin!

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