Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday day early!

We just wanted to wish Allison a very HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY! did she get to be nine years old? Her actual birthday is on Monday the 16th, but my sister Debby and her family were visiting earlier today so we celebrated it with them. The sad part about the whole thing was that Allison ended up being sick most of the day (hence her really rosy cheeks) so we wouldn't even let her blow out her candle while it was on the cake--we had to hold the lighted candle away from the cake so she could make her wish! The great news is that she is feeling drastically better tonight--just in time for her birthday tomorrow!
The celebration gang!

Allison is trying so hard to smile for the camera despite the fact that she feels sick!

Allison blowing out her candle...away from her cake so others don't get sick! I kind of felt like a mean mom!

Yummy Dairy Queen cake...Allison's favorite!


  1. Tell Alison happy birthday from us. What a fun age! I love 9-year-olds. They are so fun at that age. She is such a cute girl, even when she's sick. Hope she's totally better tomorrow! Thanks for your comment on our blog. Keep in touch!

  2. You can totally tell she is really trying to be happy when she doesnt feel well. She is so grown up now!! I remember little Allison! But she is a beautiful little girl!! Happy Birthday Allison!! Talia really misses you!

  3. You didnt have to send "him" anything!! You are too cute! Love ya!

  4. I found you! Maybe I will start a year! :)

  5. Oh, ooops. That was me. Heather.