Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our kids are having fun...

ALLISON decided that she wanted to be on the Competition team this year for dance. It was her first and probably last year to do it. She loved it, but has decided to do basketball and soccer next year (You can't see me, but I have a really big smile on my face!). This past weekend, we went to Parowan for a competition and had a great time. Allison (top row, far right) and her competition team.

Allison (far right) loved dancing with these girls!

Allison's entire dance company danced to a mix of Hairspray songs. She is in the blue dress in the middle having a blast! I think that she enjoyed dancing to this mix the best of all of her dances! At least the smile on her face made me think that!

Allison's dance company posing with their trophy and ribbons! She is in the blue dress.

MCKAY has started the fun adventure of T-BALL! Mike is assisting in coaching his team, along with his friend Chad. Mike says that McKay has a long way to go before he will become the star player! McKay spends his time sitting in the outfield and dazing off into space!
McKay is the one sitting in the outfield on the far left and we couldn't be more proud! :)

McKay is up to bat! He made it to the first base and then all the way home! GO MCKAY!

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  1. So much to catch up on with you guys! Busy Busy! Tell Allison congrats on her competition! And tell McKay to enjoy the dandilions in the grass....that's what I did when I was in T-ball. I sat in the field and picked the dandilions! Very cute Easter picture of the family! You look gorgeous as usual Kerry! Such a cute family!