Monday, April 6, 2009

What a Great Weekend!

This past weekend, we celebrated my father's 70th birthday! We kicked off the weekend by meeting in Manti, UT (where my parents are temple workers) and did a session with all of my sisters and my parents! It was a really special experience--one that I will treasure forever. The family braving the snow outside of the Manti Temple.

Mike and I at the Manti Temple (we got married there, but rarely get a chance to make it back to visit).

Happy 70th Birthday DAD! We threw my dad a big birthday bash and invited family and close friends. We had a great turnout and my dad appeared to be having a great time!

The fisherman's birthday cake!

Of course, those BLADS can not get together without eating a lot of food!

We had fun visiting with friends and family!


  1. That cake is great!! Who made it? It really fits your dad. Looks like you guys had a great time.

  2. I can't believe your dad is 70! Time sure flies! Looks like you guys had a fun time. Your family is so great!

  3. It looks like you all had such a great time together. I love the Manti temple I'm glad that you all were able to go there together. I love your family and I wish I could see you all more often! Hope all is well