Saturday, May 9, 2009

We have never laughed so hard...

Mike and I were able to go and see the comedian, Brian Regan, last night with some of our friends. We have loved him for years and were so excited when we found out that he was coming to St. George! I think that we laughed for 2 straight hours! The great thing about him is that his jokes are CLEAN!
Brian Regan on stage at Tuachan! I wish my camera would have taken a less fuzzy picture.

Mike and I before the show, ready to hear some funny jokes!

Our friends, Terra and Chad! We are so glad that they told us that Brian Regan was coming to town.

The ladies: Kerry, Liz, and Terra! We all laughed and laughed! Poor Liz had to sit next to me. I hope that her knee isn't too sore today because I kept hitting it over and over when I would laugh really hard!


  1. We are so jealous! We wanted to go see him but it didn't work with our schedules. Love your family pictures. Beautiful:)

    Jeremy and Christi

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  3. We had a great time. Dinner was wonderful, I needed more water, I cried it all out through the show. He is so FUNNY!!