Friday, May 29, 2009

Amazing time in Hawaii!

We just got back from Hawaii yesterday and I must admit that it was the best vacation that I have ever taken. It was such a great combination of relaxation, sight-seeing, amazing food and adventure! I realize that I am posting a lot of pictures, but I took over 200 of them so I think I narrowed it down pretty well! We went with my twin brother, Kirk, and his wife, Andrea! Andrea was such a trooper because she was 31 weeks pregnant. In addition to all of the fun activites that we were able to do, we also had a great time playing card games and eating out. The food was incredible because we tried a wide variety of foods such as Indian, Thai, Greek, Italian, and Island food and everything was so yummy!All of us at the Hawaii Temple on Oahu. It was closed for remodeling so the best we could do was take a picture in front of it.

Kerry and Mike at the Polynesian Culture Center ready for the big LUAU!

I could not get enough of those amazing leis--they smelled great too!

Andrea kept telling us about these amazing Sno Cones from Matsumoto's Sno Cones and she was right! They even have ice cream at the bottom of the cone.

Mike and Kerry at the Pearl Harbor Memorial above the ship. Since it was close to Memorial Day, we took apart our Leis and threw the individual flowers into the water as a way to remember all the soldiers!

After a couple of days on Oahu, we flew to Maui. This is a picture of the sunrise at the top of Haleakala Mountain/Crater (10,000 feet). It was really beautiful (my camera didn't do justice to the beauty). We had to get up at 2:55 a.m. in order to make it to the top in time for the sunrise.

We decided to go out for an evening stroll at Kamaole Beach. We were lucky because our resort was across the street from this beach--we found out that it was one of the better beaches on Maui.

Mike and I decided to drive and brave the extremely winding and narrow road to Hana. Fortunately, I was driving so it distracted me enough that I didn't get very car sick. I really wanted to go so I could see some waterfalls and lush tropical plants and flowers.

Mike with huge waves crashing behind him!

Mike jumping off the ledge at a waterfall! I think that it was one of the highlights of his trip!

This is my absolute favorite tropical flower that I came across!

Oh so beautiful!!!!! A snapshot taken while on the road to Hana.

We decided to take a dip at this waterfall. The water was nice and refreshing!

Here we are doing our favorite thing...EATING!

Here we are doing our 2nd most favorite thing...PLAYING GAMES! Can I just say that Mike & I made the most amazing comeback in the game of Canasta against Kirk & Andrea?!

We are having fun!

We decided to do some Ziplines while we were there. Along with the package that we bought, came a challenge course. This is Mike after he just jumped off the 30 foot pole which is known as the "Leap of Faith." Mike is the only one in our group that actually was successful at grabbing the trapeze bar.

Here I am, relieved that I was able to stand up on top of the pole without falling off. I was successful at jumping out, but not successful at grabbing the trapeze bar. I will admit that I was terrified to do this, but it ended up being a great experience that empowered me immensely.

Mike and Kerry standing at one of the ziplines we were able to go down! It was an absolute blast with an amazing view!

Mike, Kirk, and Kerry on a boat ride heading out to do some snorkeling at Molokini island. As we snorkeled, we saw 3 SHARKS (they were small, nice ones), tons of FISH and at least 10 huge SEA TURTLES. While we were riding in our boat, a DOLPHIN decided to swim and jump next to us!

Mike and Kerry at the Iao Needle. This was our last pit stop before heading for the airport. We were sad to see our trip come to an end, but we were ready to see our kids. THANK YOU to all the many people that helped watch them for us while we were gone. We owe you big time!


  1. These photos are great. I cant believe how manly Mike is in some of them. The waves crashing behind him makes him look tough. lol Im totally joking.
    You and your brother do look alot alike. Id never seen him, he is handsome. I will admit Im way jealous of your trip but so glad you had fun and made it home safely

  2. Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast! Wished we could have been there with you guys! Kerry, you look great! Your hair is so cute! Neal is gone until August to the middle east again. We are missing him like crazy, but its life and it could be a lot worse. He is supposed to be back in August and then leave again in September, not looking forward to that. Miss you tons! Wished we lived closer! One of these days we are really going to have to hook up and catch up!

  3. Ok that looks like so much fun! Next stop.... Thailand with Danielle and Jesse?! We should make that happen! :) Anyways love the pictures looks beautiful! Alison did play a trick on me while you guys were gone though. I called home and they had her talk to me, I thought the voice sounded a little different but not enough to notice. Anyway it was pretty funny! I talked to her for a good couple minutes before she asked me who I thought it was! haha Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks! Yeehaw!

  4. Whew! We're one hot bunch! No pictures of us eating though?...c'mon Kerry, not sure you truly captured our trip without displaying our constant quest to stuff our faces. Especially Zippy's. If only we had one here in Colorado...

  5. I think it's great you guys got to go to Hawaii with Kirk and Andrea! I can imagine it was a party every second of every day. How did your kids fare? By the way, I love the pictures and I think I'll plan a trip with my hubby someday.

  6. I'm jealous. Two years until our 10th anniversary and we're going. I don't care if Ephraim wants to or not...

  7. Someday I will get to go to Hawaii. We just had our 10th a few days ago and we couldn't afford a cool trip. The pics are beautiful. One day!!!