Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And now for the Blad Reunion...

The Blad Reunion started off in Kanosh for the big Pioneer Day parade and celebration! We watched Grandma and Grandpa go by in the parade. They were so nice and even gave us a few extra pieces of candy! After the festivities at the park (most of the Blad grandkids won the races), we all caravaned to the Albrecht Lodge (yep--we were just there for the Dorius Reunion). We had a great time hanging out, making watch bands out of beads, swimming, dancing, horseback riding, 4-wheeling, celebrating birthdays, eating yummy meals from Throw-down Food competitions, and listening to Mom & Dad's life stories.

Pioneer Woman: Grandma Blad in the Parade

All the Blad Sisters

The Minivan Caravan of cars to the Lodge (I think there were 11 cars)

Making watch bands & bracelets & necklaces (Colleen was the Queen Jewelry Maker)

Grant having fun!

The other kids had fun too!

The Birthday people (Kerry, Grant & Cami)

All the sisters dancing with DAD!

Stephen & Kenneth dancing with MOM! (We missed you Kirk!)

We love you Mom & Dad!

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