Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dorius Reunion at the Lodge

We had a wonderful time at the Albrecht Lodge outside of Minersville, UT. It is a very large cabin that can accomodate a large family so it worked out perfectly! Each family had their own room with a queen bed! We rode horses, went 4-wheeling, played tennis, shot clay-pigeons, played games (mostly Wackee Six), and ate a lot of food!

After the time at the lodge, we all came back to St. George/Hurricane and had fun at the lake! Some of the family didn't have as much fun after the lake since they got swimmers itch, but oh well--it is the price you pay for summer fun!

The small picture is of me attempting to skimboard. I guess I should have known better, but I ended up falling right after the picture was taken and injured my knee again! This injury has put me over the edge in my decision to get surgery or not. I am scheduled to have my ACL repaired in August! Yuck! Overall, it was a great weekend with the one exception of injuring my knee again!

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  1. That picture of Mike just cracks me up! I especially like the tilt of the rim of his hat! That really solidifies the deal!