Sunday, October 4, 2009

Visit with Great Grandpa Blad

We made a trip to Kanosh and decided to pay a visit to my Grandpa Blad. He hasn't been feeling very well lately, so we wanted to see him and take some pictures with him.

Here are the kiddos with their Great Grandpa Blad or as he calls it: "Grandpa Great"

Here we all are with my wonderful Grandpa Blad!

I love my Grandpa...he has always been so caring and genuine. If I were to choose something that I will always remember my Grandpa teaching me it would be to LOVE YOUR FAMILY! He has always been so proud of his children and grandchildren. I couldn't help but feel loved (sometimes even if it meant being smothered with hugs & kisses)when I was around him. I am so glad to call him Grandpa!

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  1. Grandparents are the best! It is so great that your kids will be old enough to remember him. A grandparents love is unconditional and so unique.