Friday, June 26, 2009

Optometry conference in Midway

While Mike attended his Optometry conference in Midway, the kids and I had a great time around the resort. We stayed at the Zermatt Resort and they had quite a few things for the kids to do. My niece, Ashley, came with us and played with us too! The kids went on a carousel ride, swimming, got their face painted, fed goats, minature golfed and then we went over to Mike's brother's house in Heber. We had a wonderful time. Allison


Grant and Ashley

Hanging out in the Master bedroom of the suite! It was quite fancy!

Grant feeding the goats

Grant's favorite: TRAINS!

McKay had a really neat FLAME painted on his arm!

Allison had a gorgeous flower painted on her face!

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  1. Sounds like a great time! Tyler and I stayed there two years ago...we loved it, it is so beautiful up there! Sorry to hear about that stubborn sounds like that knee just would not leave you alone until you get that surgery. It was great to see all you Dorius's again!