Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Year's Celebration & Sledding

It was time for our annual New Year's Celebration with the Dorius Family at Linda's house. Just like every year, we had a great time eating, visiting, laughing, and playing games! We also went sledding, which the kids and adult kids sure enjoyed. I think that there were only a couple of collisons and no major injuries. I know that Allison, Laura, Tori and Kylie ran into some innocent bystanders on their inner-tube! Ouch!Kylie and Allison on New Year's Eve.

McKay and Allison celebrating the new year!

Who ever invented these noise makers anyways?
They obviously didn't have kids who blew them over and over and over.

Mike looks surprised that it is 2010 already! This is not the best angle of me, but hey--I need to come to terms with my double chin!

The Dorius cousins celebrating the countdown! Happy 2010!

Grant all bundled up! He loved sledding. When we aske him if he wanted to keep going down the hill--he always told us "no," but as soon as Mike got on the sled, Grant had to be right there with him!

Daddy and Grant

McKay loved sledding!

Allison and Tori

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